Phil's Video Book

I won 12 times in the year 2000, including 3 majors, and I only remember hitting one shot I would call perfect. It was a 3-wood on number 14 in the third round of the British Open at St. Andrews. TIGER WOODS • You have to stop judging your shots against perfection. You need to accept that in a normal round of golf you will not strike the ball perfectly one time. Every shot for you, Tiger Woods, and everyone else, will always be some degree of miss. • Fortunately, great golf does not require perfect ball-striking. You don’t have to hit a perfect drive onto a 50-yard wide fairway, a perfect approach onto a 5000 square foot green, or a perfect putt into a hole that is more than 2 ½ times the diameter of the ball. You can easily shoot the lowest round of your life without hitting one perfect golf shot. • On every shot, you should strive for the perfect outcome while, at the same time, being fully satisfied a result that is ACCEPTABLE . You should maintain the understanding that a series of safeACCEPTABLEgolf shots will always produce a GREAT final score. Regardless of your level of play.