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You will derive several advantages on chip shots if you play them with the same address position – eyes over the line – same grip and same firm-wristed stroke that I advocate for putting, rather than the more conventional method. PAUL RUNYAN • Golfers typically over-complicate their chipping. They very often stand too far from the ball, make too long of a backswing, decelerate on the forward swing, and strike the ground before the ball. They struggle to make good contact. • I encourage golfers to think of chipping as being little more the putting with a lofted club. This technique was first popularized by Paul Runyan, who won 29 times on PGA Tour in the 1930s and 40s. He was known as “Little Poison” for his Runyan Putting small statue and deadly short game technique. • Your chipping motion should be very similar to your putting stroke - back-andforth and low to the ground. With the putting setup and grip, your body will “sense” that you intend to employ your putting motion. Your swing thought should be, “Putt the ball to the hole”. Runyan Chipping