Phil's Video Book

Hitting your average drive 10 or even 20 yards farther will not lower your average score. Furthermore, there is no reason to believe that you’ll hit the newest driver design any further, or even as far, as your current drive. You can, however, lower your average score through hitting a higher percentage of your drives in the fairway. The average golfer hits his tee shot in the fairway less than half the time. His driving accuracy is poor for many reasons, one being that he uses a driver designed to maximize distance instead of accuracy. You should be playing with a driver that provides MAXIMUM ACCURACY and adequate distance. To help my students hit more fairways, here are three adjustments I’ll commonly make to their current driver. I’ll cut the shaft length. Most golfers play with a diver that is at least 1 ½ inches too long. As a result, it becomes overly difficult to make square and center contact. I’ll add loft. This will provide a higher launch, more back spin, and narrow the dispersion. I’ll adjust the face angle. This will immediately compensate for the student’s most common miss. The driver does not, however, swing itself. The student still needs to learn how to swing in a manner that produces better quality contact . This normally involves altering the set up position, grip, and swing focus.