Phil's Video Book

The average golfer’s problem is not so much a lack of ability as it is a lack of understanding what he should do. BEN HOGAN • Golfers have been misled into believing that improvement (lower scores) requires that they doat least oneof the following: Develop a better golf swing Buy better equipment Learn how to hit the ball farther Practice more • This belief is the primary reason golfers stop improving . In truth, you can do all four of those things and never lower your average score. • Ball-striking ability is one thing and scoring ability is another. Your average score reveals yourunderstanding of the game, how you think on the golf course, and your self-image . • Significant and permanent Improvement stems from: Expanding your understanding of the game. Believing you already possess the ability to improve. Learning to think like the golfer you wish to become. • Progress is accelerated when the student adopts and maintains agame development mindsetas opposed to the typicalproblem-fixing mindset.