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About one-third of your “nonputts” will be struck with one of your wedges. They are your scoring clubs. Yet, most golfers simply buy their wedges without much thought, one at a time, off the rack. This is why I routinely see golfers play with four wedges, each having a different brand-name, lieangle, shaft, and grip. Golfers are always getting fitted for their irons and never their wedges, which makes no sense at all. Your wedges certainly don’t need to be the same brand as your iron set, but their specifications should complement your properly fitted iron set. I believe you should buy your wedges in a set, with a 5 or 6 degree progression in lofts. And, if possible, I prefer that each wedge have the same shaft, the same shaft length, the same grip, and the same lie-angle. The typical golfer needs plenty of loft on his wedges, with no relief on the heel or toe. For this golfer, I like to see at 14 to 16 degrees of bounce on the sand iron, and 10 to 12 degrees of bounce on the gap and lob wedges.