Phil's Video Book

• Golf clubs are not getting better every year. To be deemed legal, all golf club designs have to conform to the strict guidelines established by the ruling bodies of golf – The USGA and the R&A. • The fit is all there is, it’s everything. There is no best brand of golf club, so you can forget about the marketing hype. Try to work with an experienced professional fitter who can help you identify the golf club specifications and set composition that works best for you. Avoid salespersons. • When being fitted, remember my “Three C’s” Comfort – The specifications of each club should complement your size, strength, and sense of feel. And be comfortable to your eye as well. Composition – The combination of wedges, irons, hybrids, and fairway metals should provide you with playable trajectories, functional yardage gaps, and a progressive series of predictable carry distances. Compensation – The specifications of each club should compensate for your most common miss. • If you would like to significantly lower your average score, you’ll need to do more than improve your equipment. Golf clubs do not select shots, form intentions, or swing themselves. Your average score reflects your ball-striking ability and playing skills, not your golf clubs.