Phil's Video Book

• I believe the most important clubs in the golfer’s bag are the putter, the driver, and the wedges. Yet, these clubs are most commonly either poorly fit or not fitted at all . When customers come to my shop for a set evaluation, these are the three club fitting mistakes I most often find: A poorly fitted putter – During a round of golf, about 40% of your shots will be putts. Yet, most golfers continue to buy expensive putters off the rack with no consideration to the specifications. A poorly fitted set of wedges – About one-third of your “non-putts” will be struck with one of your wedges. These are your scoring clubs. Yet, golfers continue to get fitted for their iron set, but not their wedges. Driver specifications that inhibit accuracy – Hitting your average drive 10 or even 20 yards farther will NOT lower your average score, but keeping the ball in play a higher percentage of time will lower your average score. Yet, when getting fit for a driver, golfers remain fixated only on distance.