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Those are the same clubs I used last week. Last week I shoot 80 this week 70. LEE TREVINO • It is your “playing skills” that define your ability as a golfer, not your golf clubs. Unfortunately, even properly fitted golf clubs will not improve your playing skills . • By that I mean golf clubs do not improve your shot selection, club selection, your ability to form a positive intention, your ability to properly set up to the ball, or your ability to maintain a positive mindset throughout the shot creation process. This is what Sam Snead was referring to when he said, “You cannot go into a shop and buy a good game of golf”. • A well fit set of golf clubs WILL make the game easier, but only IF the player does his or her part. If the player keeps approaching each play in the same manner, the player will keep making the same scores – regardless of the golf clubs he or she uses. • While a poorly fit set of golf clubs will DEFINITETLY make the game more difficult, a well fit set CAN make the game easier. This is because a properly fit set will be designed to compensate for the player’s typical miss, making that miss slightly less severe.