Phil's Video Book

If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content. LEO TOLSTOY • You’re not a mechanical swing machine, you’re a human swing machine. The point being, you’re never going to swing exactly the same way twice. Your brain was created to respond to a continually changing environment. It does not have the ability to produce perfect repetitive motions. You can’t even perfectly duplicate your signature, one second after you write it. After every shot, you’re going to make settle conscious and subconscious adjustments. Furthermore, your weight, flexibility, energy level, and ability to focus are going to change daily. • Regardless of what you’ve been told (or how much you pay!) there is never going to be a golf club that can keep up with your continuously changing golf swing. The perfectly fit golf club does not exist for you, me, or anyone else. • Always remember, you don’t need “perfectly fit golf clubs” (whatever that means) to play the best golf of your life. Golf is a game of misses. All you need, all you will ever need, is a balanced set of fourteen golf clubs built to specifications that complement you size, strength, and basic swing motion. The goal is to play with clubs that are “well fit” not “perfectly fit”.