Phil's Video Book

You cannot go to the golf shopand buy a better golf game. SAM SNEAD • The best players in the world are better than ever. The primary reason, according to golf club manufacturers, is related to “new technology”. Well, if that’s true, why hasn’t the average golfer improved? He has been faithfully buying this “new technology” every year for ever. • It’s true that the best players in the world are better than ever. Not only in golf, but in every sport. They’re bigger, faster, stronger, and better trained. And, more importantly, they’re continuingly learning how to “play” their respective games better. • Due to the higher level of competition, today’s touring professionals have done what the average golfer has never done – they’ve improved their playing skills. They’ve become better golfers. While better equipment has certainly helped, it’s only been the icing on the cake. The higher level of competition has forced tour players to learn how to lower their average score. If they wanted to stay employed, they had no choice. The average golfer has never been faced with that challenge. So they just keep buying new clubs and never improve.