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Some players are never satisfied unless they unless they are buying new clubs…This is not good for the player, but it is quite good for the clubmaker. James Braid Five-time British Open Champion Between 1901 and 1910 Over-analyzing golf clubs and continually changing your equipment makes the game more difficult and permanently inhibits your ability to improve. Golf clubs are not improving every year, so there is no “new technology” that you need to keep up with. Your equipment does not define your ability as a golfer. Your ability as a golfer reflects you understanding of the game and how well you think on the golf course. Once you acquire a properly fit set of 14 golf clubs, you should shift your focus to more important things. If you happen to play poorly, accept that YOU were the cause, not the clubs. Love your clubs, thn learn to better understand the game and think like the player you would like to become.