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All I do is stay in my same routine …do everything the same. TIGER WOODS You’ll hit fewer poor golf shots (and lower your average score) when, on every shot, you give appropriate consideration to what you can effectively control – shot selection, club selection, intention, setup position, and swing focus. Because that’s a lot to consider in a short period of time, you need to develop a personal shot-making routine that makes the process almost automatic. Then, you need to apply that personal routine to every play you create – putter thru driver. For most skilled players, the routine is similar to this: Before addressing the ball: • Select the highest percentage shot • Select a club that allows for an appropriate margin of error • Create single-minded intention • Strengthen that intention • Quiet your mind and relax your body Addressing: • Using a personal routine, set up to the ball with the specific purpose of creating the desired impact conditions. Swing: • Employ a personal trigger to start the swing .