Phil's Video Book

Do not let what you can’t do, interfere with what you can do. JOHN WOODEN Most golfers struggle with their shot-making because they allow their thoughts to drift into areas that are both beyond their control and irrelevant to the shot at hand. Developing your ability as a shot-maker requires that, during the few seconds of the shot-making process, you focus exclusively on what you can consciously control. There are five consciously controllable aspects of shot-making; I refer to each of them as a playing skill. SHOT SELECTION – you can carefully evaluate the circumstances, consider your options, and determine the highest percentage play. CLUB SELECTION – You can consider your choices and select the club that allows for an appropriate margin of error. INTENTION – You can center your focus and form a singleminded intention to create the exact play you selected. SETUP POSITION – you can take the time to setup to the ball in the manner that will allow you to most easily create the play. SWING FOCUS – you can allow your swing to be guided only by intent, allowing it to unfold without thought or effort.