Phil's Video Book

…the very WORST way to start back is from a static, frozen or rigid position. If you do your swing is bound to be either jerky and uncoordinated, or stiff and forced. JACK NICKLAUS • After assuming your comfortable setup position, you should strive to IMMEDIATELY flow into your backswing. Standing over the ball only stimulates unwanted thought and tension. • Accomplished players never freeze over the ball. Instead, they keep moving and employ some sort of simple trigger to initiate the backswing. • Nicklaus would turn his head to the right and gently kick in his right knee. Sam Snead used a very similar trigger. Ben Hogan would trigger his swing with a waggle. Bobby Jones would make a small waggle, followed by the left hip turning back. • Most of today’s touring professionals also employ some sort of trigger to transition into their away-swing. Observe the very noticeable triggers of Matt Wolf, Henrik Stenson, Rickie Fowler, Jason Duffner, and Jordan Speith.