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An effective golf swing is above all else a continuous flow of motion, and the less you need to dissect of direct it while actually playing the game, the better the motion will be – and the better swing you’ll make. JACK NICKLAUS • Of the three parts of thePlay Creation Process , Nicklaus was least concerned with the swing motion itself. He felt that only the takeaway could be consciously controlled. He allowed the remainder of the backswing to unfold freely until he “sensed” it was complete. He considered the downswing to be a purely “reflexive” (subconscious) movement. • Nicklaus felt that a poor swing (poor impact) was most often related to either a poor mental image or a poor setup position. • Nicklaus would allow his swing to unfold freely; allowing it to be guided only by the intent to properly deliver the club face to the ball. He felt that the swing should be a continuous flow of motion – uninterrupted by conscious thought.