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I feel that hitting specific shots – playing the ball to a certain place in a certain way – is 50 percent mental picture, 40 percent setup, and 10 percent swing. Jack Nicklaus • The term “Play” refers to the entire process of advancing the ball from point-A to point-B. That would include the golfer, his swing motion, the swing of the golf club, the flight of the golf ball, and the ball’s final resting place. • Nicklaus refers to creating the “Play” as occurring in three phases. First, he formed a mental picture. Then, he meticulously setup to the ball. And, finally, he swung. • Nicklaus felt that forming the correct mental picture and properly setting up to the ball was 90% of the Shot Creation Process. He felt that the actual swing was only 10% of the equation. • The average golfer, however, views the Shot Creation Process much differently. He sees the swing motion as being 90% of the equation.