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EVERYTHING that happens in the universe starts with an INTENTION. Deepak Chopra • Your intention is the intangible aspect of the shot creation process. Because it can’t be seen or felt, golfers seldom even consider it. That’s a huge mistake because nothing will influence your swing motion more than your intention. • Shot creation becomes significantly easier when we employ the power of intention in a beneficial manner; and that requires nothing more than common sense. A beneficial intention has five traits, it’s: Externally Focused – Related to your target, not your body. Positive – About what you do want to happen, not about the result you’re trying to avoid. Specific – Related to advancing the ball to a specific area of the fairway or green. Single Minded – Not about advancing the ball to point-B, while at the same time avoiding point-C. Comfortable – About creating a play comfortably within your capability on a given day. • Forming an empowering intention prior to every play is a learned skill. You have to continuously work at it. But the rewards will be well worth the effort.