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The human organism performs best in athleticswhen the conscious mind is turned off. DR. BOB ROTELLA The two parts of the brain that play the most central role in producing the swing motion are thePre-frontal Cortex (PFC) and theMotor System. The PFC oversees conscious thought. The Motor System is the part of the brain that communicates directly with the body to produce motion. An effective swing motion occurs when a signal (intention) is sent seamlessly to the motor system. The required (previously learned) sequence of movements is stored in the part of the brain known as theBasal Ganglia . TheCerebellumorchestrates the firing of the fast-twitch fibers needed to produce exact smooth motion. The resulting motion is referred to as being authentic. The PFC (conscious thought) should not be involved in the process. As Tiger Woods often says, “I don’t MAKE it happen (manipulate my swing); I LET it happen (allow my body to seamlessly respond to my intent)”. When the PFC intercepts the signal (when conscious thoughts steps-in and attempts to, in some way, manipulate the swing motion) the resulting motion will be unpredictable, off-balance, and most often undesirable. All sports psychologists agree on one thing, you should not think while you’re swinging . As the Hall of Fame baseball player Yogi Berra once said, “You cannot think and swing at the same time”.