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Before every shot – drive, approach, pitch, chip, putt – ask yourself, I’m trying for a great play here, but what allowance should I make to ‘protect my score’ in case I don’t make my very best swing? JACK NICKLAUS • With poor shot selection the course becomes needlessly difficult and you force yourself to continually hit exceptional shots. First, you’ll need to continuously hit very good shots to avoid penalizing situations. Then, you’ll need to need to hit great shots to get out of the difficult situations you’ll find yourself continuously in. • Average golfers believe they hit the ball a lot farther and straighter than they actually do. That belief leads them to continually select low percentage shots. • Don’t select shots that require exceptional execution. As a rule of thumb, (unless forced) if you’re unable to create the shot a high percentage of time (7 times out of 10), don’t attempt it.